Weck glass weight

Weck glass weight


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Weck Glass Weight for Fermenting

Keep your fermented vegetables submerged under the brine with a glass weight. These Weck weights are made of high quality, lead and BPA free glass.

Product Specifications

Medium:  90 mm diameter (Will fit a gallon or other glass jar with over 11 cm mouth size). Approximately 85 grams weight.

When choosing the correct size, ensure that you leave enough room to easily remove your lid. The mouth of your jar needs to be at least 2 cm wider than the weight. 

Please note: These weights are the lids that used for Weck jars. They are an affordable alternative to ceramic or traditional fermentation weights. You may need to use at least two weights to keep your brine submerged, as a glass weight does not cover the entire surface of your Mason jar. 

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