Water Kefir Kit with Certified Organic Grains

Water Kefir Kit with Certified Organic Grains


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This kit comes with everything you need to make fermented, probiotic water kefir at home. 

Kefir contains beneficial bacteria and yeasts. It has been consumed by people in Eastern Europe and parts of Asia for hundreds of years. Research has shown that it helps to maintain the good bacteria in your gut.  

    What does water kefir taste like?

    The taste will vary depending on how much sugar you add, and the length of time that you ferment it. When you second ferment your kefir, in a glass flip top bottle, it will become a fizzy, carbonated drink. You can add delicious flavours like hibiscus, ginger and fruit pieces to create a drink that suits your taste.

    Australian Certified Organic Kefir Grains

    The kit includes a packet of dried water kefir grains. 

    With a little bit of care and maintenance, your grains will last indefinitely. They will continue to multiply and grow. Before long, you'll have enough grains to share with your friends and family. 

    • Dairy free and vegan friendly.
    • Australian Certified Organic.
    • Lovingly Brewed in Brisbane.

    This kit contains

    • One two litre glass jar.
    • A piece of natural fabric (for protecting your brew from insects and dust).
    • Packet of dried grains. 
    • Packet of raw, organic sugar.
    • Two x 500ml second fermentation Groslch style bottles.
    • Instructions. 

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