Traditional Stoneware Fermentation Weights

Traditional Stoneware Fermentation Weights

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Make your own fermented foods including sauerkraut, kimchi and a range of fermented vegetables. 

The secret to safe and successful fermentation is to keep your veggies submerged under the brine. This set of high fired stoneware, fermentation weights will keep veggies safely under salty brine - even for weeks and months!

These weights have a 14cm diameter and fit into a Ball Mason gallon jar (approx. 4 litres) or medium fermentation crock, including the Mad Millie 3 litre crock. Check the inside diameter of your jar or crock to ensure that they will fit.

Please note: These weights will not fit into a half gallon (2 litre) or quart (1 litre) jar. 

Height: 1.5cm.

Diameter: 14cm.

Weight: 450 grams.






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