Spelt Seeds Biodynamic Microgreens 5 kg & 14 kg

Spelt Seeds Biodynamic Microgreens 5 kg & 14 kg


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These Australian grown, biodynamic seeds are suitable for growing spelt grass microgreens. With a similar nutritional value to wheatgrass, it can be grown with soil or hydroponically.

How to Grow spelt grass

  • Soak 1 cup of seeds in water for 6-10 hours (depending on climate).
  • Rinse well with water. Leave seeds to drain for 8-12 hours using a sprouting jar, sprouter or hemp sprouting bag.
  • Repeat the rinsing and draining process until a tiny tail sprouts. The tail should be approximately 5mm.
  • Line a growing tray with butchers paper. Add 2-3cm of organic soil with compost, volcanic rock soil improver or other minerals.
  • Scatter seeds on top of the organic soil. Ensure that the seeds are not too densely packed, as this may cause mould.
  • Lightly water seeds and cover with a hessian bag or wet paper towels.
  • Leave in a dark, ventilated spot. Lightly water twice daily until your seeds have germinated and are 2- 3cm high. 
  • Remove cover and expose your plant to indirect sunlight. Avoid extreme heat or cold. Water twice daily.
  • Your harvest is ready when it is 3-4 inches high.
  • Cut your spelt grass approximately 1cm above the soil. 
  • Juice and enjoy!

Product Specifications

  • Grown in Australia.
  • Biodynamic.
  • Not chemically treated with pesticides, insecticides or fungicides.
  • Available in 5 kg & 14 kg bags.