Pot Barley Biodynamic Australian Grown 750g

Pot Barley Biodynamic Australian Grown 750g

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Healthy, delicious and versatile

Pot barley is a pantry staple that's good for you and versatile. Add it to a hearty stew, casserole or soup. Make a delicious and warming 'barley' bowl, with a few simple ingredients such as carrots, onions and mushrooms. You can even use it as an alternative to rice or couscous.

Pot barley is less refined than pearl barley, removing some of the outside hull and minimally polishing the grain. This process keeps the grain intact - with the minimal processing to ensure that it is suitable for cooking.  

It has a mildly nutty flavour and contains no fat or cholesterol.  Vegan friendly, Australian biodynamic and grown and packaged in Australia. 

Country of origin: Australia

Quantity: 750 grams

Australian biodynamic