Popping corn 500 grams Australian certified organic

Fluffy and delicious Australian organic popcorn

This popcorn has passed the kid lunchbox test and come out with flying colours; Super fluffy, white and yummy.  

Grown in Australia and certified organic, these high quality popcorn kernels make an easy and fuss-free snack. There's no need for lashings of unhealthy oils or loads of salt; Simple air popped corn works a treat and is a lunchbox favourite. 

This variety of corn contains a starchy endosperm. When heated, the moisture in the endosperm steams and expands, and the hull ruptures to produce a tender 'butterfly'. 

Popcorn kernels are a 100 percent unprocessed whole grain and contain antioxidants and fibre. Australian Certified Organic and grown and packaged in Australia. Jar and accessories not included.


Country of origin: Australia

Quantity: 500 grams

Australian certified organic