Low Profile Silicone Waterless Fermentation Lid Fit Wide Mouth Mason Jar

Fermenting vegetables is super easy with this low profile, silicone waterless airlock lid. Simply set and forget!

Unlike other airlocks, there's no need to add or top up water. The silicone lid has a small slit that releases harmful gases from your fermentation while keeping oxygen out.

With the low profile lid, you can store your Mason jar in a tight space. This style takes up less room than other airlocks (which are usually 6-8 cm high).

  • BPA free.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Available to fit a wide mouth Ball or Kerr Mason jar. 
  • Width: 84 mm.
  • Requires a wide mouth metal ring to hold in place. 

Please note:  This price includes a single low profile silicone lid (Colours and style may vary slightly).

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