Mortier Pilon Kombucha Jar 5 litres

The Mortier Pilon kombucha jar has a modern design and elegant shape, making it the perfect addition for any kitchen.

The 5 litre size ensures that you always have refreshing kombucha on tap. Now, there's no reason to reach for a bottle of soft drink! Kombucha is a tangy and effervescent drink that is made of fermented sweetened tea.

This probiotic, gut-friendly drink contains a healthy 'living' culture (called a SCOBY). The fermenting process means that the sugar is digested by the culture, creating a healthy alternative to sugary soft drinks or bottled juices.

The Mortier Pilon kombucha jar comes with a breathable, patterned cloth filter and is designed to give you a controlled brewing environment.

Made of lead free glass and BPA free.

- Chalk top lid and chalk pen included.

- Beautifully presented in a colourful and funky box (making it ideal for a gift).

Not suitable for dishwasher, oven or microwave oven.

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