Kombucha KIt with Gallon 3.8 Litre Jar

Brew your own kombucha 

Kombucha is a probiotic beverage that is a healthy alternative to soft drinks. It is a fun and easy drink to make at home. Our kombucha kit includes everything you need to make this drink including a starter culture, black tea, sugar and essential brewing equipment.

The starter culture is a symbiotic mix of beneficial bacteria and yeasts. It turns your sugary tea liquid into a fermented drink that is good for your 'gut health'. 

Product Specifications:

This nine piece kit includes:

  • 3.8 litre (gallon) glass jar with a plastic lid. This jar is made in the USA and is the perfect size for kombucha making. The 110 mm wide mouth gives you ample room to put your SCOBY into the jar.
  • Kombucha SCOBY in a reusable glass jar. Made in Northern NSW, these starter cultures are organic, vegan friendly, and made using traditional brewing methods.
  • Temperature gauge.
  • pH test strips. 
  • Natural cotton cover and rubber band. 
  • 200 grams organic Rapadura sugar. 
  • 150 grams Australian grown, pesticide free black tea.
  • Two x 500 ml amber second fermentation bottles. These quality Grolsch style bottles are designed to withstand the pressure that is produced from carbonation.







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