Half Gallon Two Litre Fermenting Jar

The half gallon (approximately 2 litres) fermenting jar is a shorter and wider design than regular Mason jars. The wider mouth makes it easy to put your fruit and vegetables into your jar. There's plenty of room to put your hand into the jar and you can push the food under the brine. It's also easier to clean than a regular Mason jar. The shorter height is ideal for storing on smaller shelves. 

What are the benefits of an airlock device?

An airlock device keeps oxygen and carbon dioxide out of your fermentation. Gases and pressure are released slowly from your jar - making it a safe and easy to use option. The plastic lid is rust free and suitable for pickled and fermented foods, or kombucha making.

Start fermenting today and enjoy the health benefits of probiotic foods. 

Product Specifications

  • Plastic lid with airlock device and silicone grommet.
  • Half gallon glass jar, made in the USA. 
  • Extra plastic lid for storing your fermented foods.