Jar Fermentation with Airlock Lid Extra Large 3.8 litres 1 gallon


Make your own fermented foods and reap the health benefits of 'good', gut-friendly bacteria. For centuries, different cultures have enjoyed the benefits of fermented food, with saukerkart, kimchi, pickles and preserved fruit and vegetables. 

With a capacity of 3.8 litres, this jar is suitable for large quantities of your favourite fermentations. An extra wide mouth (11cm) makes it a breeze when filling your jar. The airlock lid allows gases to escape from your fermentation, while keeping oxygen out. This greatly reduces the risk of harmful yeasts and mould.

Unlike metal or tin lids, the plastic lid will not rust or harm your fermentation. This food safe option is suitable for making kombucha and kefir-style ferments.

  • Capacity: 1 gallon, 3.8 litres, 128oz
  • Jar dimensions: height: 25cm, outside diameter: 15cm, lid and jar mouth width: 11cm
  • Includes: 1 gallon jar, airlock lid (with airlock device and silicone grommet) and spare storage cap. 

Traditional stoneware fermentation weight

Add a two-piece set of traditional stoneware fermentation weights for only $12.95 (Normally $19.95). These weights are a perfect fit for the gallon jar and will keep the veggies submerged under the brine. 

The two-piece style makes it easy for you to remove the weights from your jar, and ensures a better fit than glass weights.