Durand Kombucha Jar 5 Litre Oatmeal


These beautiful kombucha pots have been handmade in the Gold Coast hinterland. 

Each jar is lovingly made on a potter's wheel from Australian sourced organic stoneware clay. By firing the kiln to over 1280 degrees Celsius, the clay is turned to 'stone' to make a strong and leak proof brewing vessel. At these temperatures, the clay is unable to hold or leach impurities, which ensures a safe and reliable pot for the vinegar in your brew.

The jars are hand decorated and glazed with non-toxic, lead free glazes. The Australian made plastic tap is BPA free and safe for the pH levels in kombucha. It is vital to choose a crock or jar that has a safe tap that is non-corrosive, and won't leak nasties into your drink. With the continuous brew method, there's no need to wait for individual batches of kombucha. You have kombucha on-tap daily and can continue to top up your mixture as needed. 

5 litre crock: 

The 5 litre crock holds approximately 4 litres of kombucha, with ample head space for your growing SCOBY. Using the continuous brew method, this should yield up to 1 litre per day.

Dimensions: Approximately 22cm height and 22cm wide. 

The jar comes with a cotton cover that protects your brew from insects and dust. 

Why choose a stoneware vessel instead of glass jar?

Although both methods of brewing is effective, stoneware protects your brew from direct sunlight. A stoneware jars keeps your SCOBY warm, which is an important part of speeding up the fermentation process. 

Some people choose stoneware, over glass jars, because they prefer not to see the unsightly SCOBY that is growing and multiplying (SCOBYs are known for their amazing probiotic benefits, not their good looks!) 









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