Deluxe wheatgrass growing kit with 1kg Organic Seeds and Manual Juicer

Grow your own wheatgrass, sprouts and microgreens indoors. Perfect for compact spaces, you can grow your harvest of greens on a kitchen bench or near a sunny window. The kit comes with two 29 x 35cm trays with drainage holes and two solid plastic trays to protect your bench from water.

This kit is the no-waste option as you can cut your harvest as you need it. No more soggy greens that come in plastic bags - juice only what you need and harvest it as it freshest.

Included in this kit is:

  • 1kg bag of Australian grown, organic wheatgrass seeds.
  • One sprouting jar with BPA free, food safe, plastic mesh sprouting lid.
  • Two food safe, plastic growing trays 29 x 35cm with drainage holes.
  • Two solid food safe, plastic trays to protect your bench from water.
  • 500ml bottle of liquid seaweed fertiliser.
  • Coir peat.
  • 20 tray liners - recycled paper.
  • Manual cold press juicer.

Please note: Unfortunately, we cannot sell this kit to Western Australian and Tasmanian customers due to quarantine restrictions.


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